Maple Lodge Zabina Halal

There is one company I will stay very far away and it's Maple Lodge with their Halal division known as Zabina Halal that self proclaim themselves:

''Maple Lodge Farms is also one of the largest producers of Halal food products. We are proud to say that we are home to Canada’s #1 Halal brand, ''

If you are concerned about Non Halal foods in Canada.....don't worry with these's more than just an Halal's the whole package that is a funky Halal ''jihad'' design!

As for other items sold by Maple Lodge, I will just stay clear since I am pretty sure it funds the Halal Certifications anyway!

Wanna learn how they kill the chicken?

Wanna tell them how much you like Halal meats?

Maple Lodge Farms Ltd.

8301 Winston Churchill Blvd.
Brampton ON L6Y 0A2
Tel: 905-455-8340
Toll Free Canada Only: 1-888-664-4444
Toll Free US Only: 1-800-463-3548
Email them at:

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