Saturday, March 14, 2015

Non Halal or Haram Foods in Canada

I decided to start this blog about Non Halal or if you prefer Haram (forbidden in Arabic) Foods in Canada for a few reasons. I see that there is a big trend in the Canadian market of foods becoming Halal to accommodate Muslim religion followers, and in the counterpart, Canadians that have no desire to pay extra for those certifications that are only for a minority of Canadians/Immigrants, but most importantly how the way Halal ''rituals'' are performed when it's time to slaughter the animals.

While Canadian Muslims account for 3% of the country's population, more and more Canadians are paying an extra for the Halal certification of their food product.

This blog will be listing products and brands that are known to be Non Halal. While we will try to get the most accurate information about all the different products and brand, there could be some errors at some point. It is always better to double check. Always remember that it is a ''conscience'' choice to buy and eat Non Halal foods, and this blog is not meant to be racist or intolerant towards the Muslims. 

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  2. At the end you say it is not meant to be racist -- too many people think that muslim is a race -- it is an idea -- a religion -- there is black , white , arabic , oriental , hispanic and every other race of people involved in the muslim religion so it is NOT RACIST in any way

  3. Looking for an up to date list of products ect that are halal certified so I can make sure to not buy them. Is there a list started somewhere? :)

  4. I look forward to a list of halal foods/companies .... so I can avoid them.